November 02, 2008

Some recent projects! Gearing up for the holidays....

I love this quote, This is a recent custom order I did for on online store.

Here is another, I love the wall hangings as well, this was to sit in the living room, a great way to welcome company.

These block sets are a great way to welcome baby, showcase your craft table, or just to put your favorite quote on, colors are all your choice as well as embellishments!

These glass pieces are so modern and unique, this is a custom order I picked up from the Expo last weekend. the over view is to show you the width of the glass, they are free standing as well.

I put the flower back there so you can see how clear these glass plaques are, they are great for the bookcase or for the desk! Again, lettering choice of colors and quote!

I love banners! I really think this is the way to show off your space, or celebrate a special day! Great for PTO fundraisers, high school cheer leaders, just about anything!

They are 2x6' so a great large space with grommets for ease in hanging!

This is a custom bag/coat hooks with some texture, we added the flowers for a fun effect on the signs!

Another custom order :) I love this wooden hear, and the lettering detail! There is a hanger on the back, the easel is just for display!

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