June 07, 2010

Family Quotes & Photo Wall Sayings

"My Very Own Family"

"Live, Laugh, Love"

"Families are Forever"

"If You're Happy and You Know It . . ."

"Light of My Life"

"Built to Last"

"Everything Changes"

"A Picture of Love"

"Life Stops for No One"

"Life Changes Everything"

"Our Story"

"Best of Friends"

"The Story of Us"

"A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words"

"Memories of a Family"

"All Because Two People Fell In Love"

"My Works of Art"

"Patience Is A Virtue"

"A Family That Plays Together Stays Together"

"All For One & One For All"

"Like No Other"

"A Few of My Favorite Things"

"True Togetherness"

"My Multiple Personalities"

"Stolen Moments"

"Linked by Love"

"Moments Worth Remembering"

"Remember When"

"No Greater Love"

"Cherish Every Moment"

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